360 announces partnership with Well Done Foundation

360 is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Well Done Foundation (WDF). Together, we will be working on plugging and abandoning orphan wells across the US in an ongoing effort to find innovative solutions to environmental changes, promote sustainable energy practices, and restore orphan sites and the surrounding area to their original state.

360 will support WDF in project management, engineering, and vendor procurement, with the first project starting this month in northern Montana. It is estimated there are over 2,000,000 orphan wells in the US, many of which are undocumented. This partnership will allow the WDF to work with farmers, landowners, local and state government, corporations, and not-for-profit organizations to locate, measure, and document more high emitting orphan wells, and ultimately plug and restore them.

“We are very excited to partner with the Well Done Foundation, our mission of Closure Made Simple is a great fit with their mission of One Well At A Time. Together we will be able to efficiently address a larger volume of high emitting inactive wells, and make a real difference in the orphan well challenge we are facing across North America,” says 360’s CEO, Ryan Smith.

“This collaboration is a force multiplier for the Well Done Foundation that not only adds depth to the bench in terms of technical expertise and experience,  but it also broadens our services and allows us to extend our effective reach in the Western United States” says Curtis Shuck, Chairman of the Well Done Foundation. “We could not be more pleased to be taking our game to the next level with the team at 360”.

About Well Done Foundation

Formed in 2019, the Well Done Foundation enables the oil and gas industry to partner with the conservation community to create an alternative pathway to success that benefits all. The Well Done Process, which does not include any public funding, creates a strategic partnership among regulators, surface owners and adoptive parties, leading to a safe and seamless system that provides cost-effective and lasting results that improve the environment while working with the industry in a transparent structure that delivers value to its Triple Bottom Line: community partnerships (people), environmental responsibility (planet), and economic benefits (profit). The Well Done Foundation works with its partners to transition the orphaned well sites into their next levels of service. For more information, visit https://welldonefoundation.org/

About 360 Energy Liability Management

360 is a purpose and mission driven company with a team of 150+ engineering, environmental and regulatory specialists. With offices and employees across western Canada, 360 is a brand leader in environmental site closure and oil and gas liability management.  For more information, please visit http://360elm.com/

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