Property & Commercial Development

Risk and liability involving property and commercial real estate can be a complex challenge. 360’s experience in site closure, assessment, and asset retirement obligations provides an advantage to commercial developers and landowners when assessing environmental risk.   

Property & buildings

Environmental solutions for commercial real estate and public infrastructure development   

  • Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) assessments
  • Risk analysis
  • Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Reclamation & remediation 
  • Land purchase assessment and advisory
  • Pre-construction assessment and planning  
  • Area Structure Plans & Neighborhood Structure Plans (ASP/NSP)
  • Soil assessments
  • Wetland and Water Act assessments and submissions
  • Bio-diversity impact assessments

Our Services

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Expert Spotlight

Brendan Davis, P.Biol., PMP


With over a decade and a half in the environmental sector, Brendan stands as an authority on comprehensive regulatory, environmental assessments and management strategies. Serving in a pivotal leadership capacity, he acts as the liaison between clients, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders, ensuring seamless communication and effective outcomes. Brendan’s expertise encompasses an array of programs, ranging from large facility and pipeline regulatory applications throughout western Canada to meticulous Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs).