A group photo of the 360 team at a company event. The photo shows 18 people grouped together in 3 rows. The photo was taken at a lawn bowling tournament.

About us

Meet the Team

At the helm of our organization is a team of visionary leaders who are committed to cultivating a culture of excellence. Our collective expertise spans various industries, allowing us to provide unparalleled guidance and industry-leading solutions to our clients. 


Ryan Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Ashton
Bryce Watson, P.Geo.
Chief Regulatory & Compliance Officer

Vice Presidents & Directors

Todd Parker
Vice President of Environment
Lindy Couillard
Vice President of Corporate Services
Reilly Penner, CA
Director of Finance
Mike Newton
Director of Corporate Development
Adam Derry, P.Eng.
Director of Engineering
Michael Parker, RT Ag
Director of Environment, BC & AB North
Amanda MacKinnon, P.Bio, RPBio.
Director of Environment, AB South & SK
Brendan Davis, p.biol., pmp
Director of Environment, commercial

Managers & Supervisors

Amanda Faith, CPHR
Manager of People Operations
Tina Hapienko, CRSP
Manager of Health & Safety
MANAGER, NE BC Environmental Services
Clayton Stenhouse, B.Sc., P.Ag.
Manager, SE Saskatchewan Environmental Services
Lori Vickerman, M.Sc., P.Biol.
Technical Manager, Risk Assessment
Vitaly Vedmedenko, M.Sc., PMP, P.Ag.
Technical Manager
Graeme Hawkins
Manager of Asset Retirement Obligations
Dave Lamberton
Manager of Business Development & Marketing
Ryan Doull 
Manager of Emissions services 

Interested in working for 360?

  • Hybrid work schedule
  • The Mullet Bank – an inclusive wellness program
  • GRSP match