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Our Story

From humble beginnings sparked by a night of oysters and scotch, to a thriving business of over 150 employees – each milestone in 360’s journey has been an integral part of our history and has better enabled us to fulfill our purpose and mission.

our story

Building a 100 Year Business

360 was incorporated in 2015 to support companies with engineering and environmental consulting services and has evolved over the years to support a variety of industries at all stages of their lifecycles.

As regulations, laws, standards, and technologies have changed through the years, we have continually evolved our strategies and guidance – and this has helped our clients navigate complex engineering and environmental projects, remain compliant with relevant regulations, decrease their operating costs, and reduce risk. 

Each decision, acquisition, office opening, and milestone has shaped who we are today, and we are proud of our story so far. Below is a timeline which has established the foundation to building a 100 Year Business. 


October 2015

Three Calgary entrepreneurs formulate the business plan for 360 over oysters and scotch at Rodney’s Oyster House.

Rodney's Oyster House in Calgary, AB where 360's story began.

December 15, 2015

360 Energy Liability Management is Incorporated.

Original 360 Energy Liability Management logo. The logo had 360 in large blue text and Energy Liability Management just below it in smaller text, and to the left of the text there is a green swoop with an arrow indicating a full circle.


March 2016

Project Fox – first Asset Retirement Obligation project for 360 kicks off.


March 22, 2017

Skye Asset Retirement is Incorporated. A sister company to 360, Skye is a closure company that assumes ownership of non-producing assets from companies at a fixed market value, transferring the liability and risk immediately.

Skye Asset Retirement company logo.

May 2017

360 moves into own office space at The Edison, downtown Calgary.

The photo shows the Edison, which is an office building in downtown Calgary, 360's first physical office location. The photo has 9 of 360's original employees posing in front of the entrance to the building.


April 2018

360 starts Environmental Business Unit, offering project management in environmental site assessment, reclamation, remediation and risk assessment across Western Canada.

December 2018

360 starts Abandonment & Decommissioning Business Unit, offering engineering and project management services for abandonment and decommissioning projects across Western Canada.


June 2019

360 establishes Make Growth Simple as our Mission Statement.  



360 releases first annual ESG report.

May 2020

The Canadian Federal Government announces a 3-year grant funding program for Oil & Gas site cleanup, which becomes the Alberta SRP, BC DSRP, and Saskatchewan ASCP. This kicks off a period of tremendous growth, resulting in 360 being one of the top grant holders in the program.

A picture of former Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, announcing the SRP funding program. The picture includes some environmental reclamation equipment in the background, and Mr. Kenney along with 5 other people are standing on a stage. Mr. Kenney is speaking at a podium. The podium has a sign on the front that says ' Alberta's Recovery Plan' and has an Alberta Government logo.

July 2020

Mission Statement evolves to Closure Made Simple, with a growing focus on the site closure and restoration space.


May 2021

360 moves head office to Bow Valley Square in downtown Calgary.

A picture of Bow Valley Square, an office building in downtown Calgary, AB, 360's current head office.


March 2022

360 expands internationally for the first time, securing an ARO project assessing wells in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Argentina.

March 1, 2022

360 acquires the Environmental Consulting Division of SECURE Energy, adding 35 people to the 360 team.

April 1, 2022

360 opens a second office in Southeast Calgary.

April 20, 2022

360 acquires SHARP Environmental (2000) Ltd., adding 17 people to the 360 team as well as an office in Fairview, AB.

SHARP Environmental's original company logo. It says SHARP Environmental (2000) Ltd in bold black text and has a yellow recycling symbol to the left of the text.

May 1, 2022

360 acquires Owl River Environmental Services Ltd., adding 3 people to the 360 team as well as an office in Lac La Biche, AB.

Owl River Environmental Services' original company logo. The logo shows a graphic of an owl sitting in a tree beside a river.

July 1, 2022

360 expands into Northeast British Columbia, opening an office in Fort St. John.

July 2022

360 surpasses 140 employees.

August 2022

360 starts Emissions Services Business Unit, offering gas migration inspection and surface casing vent flow services across Western Canada.

September 2022

360 debuts on the ENR Top 200 Environmental Firms for 2022.


January 2023

360 surpasses milestones of:

  • 5,500 abandonments
  • 25,000 environmental closure activities
  • $20 Billion in ARO Assessments executed.

April 2023

360 signs distribution agreement with Nevada Nanotech Systems to bring MethaneTrack™ automated methane emissions monitoring technology to Western Canada.

NevadaNano's company logo.

May 2023

360 Consulting USA LLC is incorporated, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

us a flag on pole under cloudy sky

jUNE 2023

Mission Statement evolves to We Make it Simple, as organic growth and acquisitions continue to move 360 into more sectors and service offerings beyond site closure.

JUNE 1, 2023

360 acquires Astute Environmental & Regulatory, adding 14 employees to the 360 team.

The original Astute Environmental & Regulatory company logo. The logo shows Astute in large text with each of the 2 letter T's replaced with a graphic of a tree.

July 2023

360 kicks off first boots on the ground execution project in the USA, partnering with the Well Done Foundation to plug and abandon orphan wells in northern Montana.

A 360 company truck entering Montana for 360's first project in the USA. The photo shows a white truck with a 360 logo on the door parked in front of the "welcome to Shelby" sign.

september 2023

360 rises 26 spots to #139 on the ENR Top 200 Environmental Firms list in 2023.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

360 debuts at #63 on The Globe and Mail’s list of Canada’s Top Growing Companies of 2023.

october 2023

360 rebrands from 360 Energy Liability Management to 360 Engineering & Environmental Consulting; as organic growth, growing experience, and acquisitions expand service offerings and geographical reach to more sectors and industries across North America.