About Us

Who We Are

We are a purpose and mission driven company. Our purpose guides why we exist in the world, and our mission guides what we promise to our stakeholders. With a relentless focus on client obsession, we deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations. We believe in empowering our talented professionals to reach their full potential and together, we strive to create lasting impact and inspire positive change in everything we do. This is 360, where innovation meets simplicity.

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We are client obsessed, problem-solving experts and strategists. We are 360.

360 is a people business. As our team grows, so too does our perspective. Our company culture revolves around fostering meaningful connections, promoting collaboration, and prioritizing the growth and well-being of our employees. We listen attentively to our clients’ needs, analyze complex challenges, and apply our expertise to develop innovative solutions tailored to their specific goals.

Our purpose

We Make a Difference

A simple yet powerful statement. The work we do makes a difference for the planet, for our people, and for our stakeholders. We are purpose-driven in everything we do, ensuring that our actions align with our mission and values to create meaningful and lasting impact.

360 employees volunteering for the City of Calgary Invasive Weed Removal Program. Photo shows 8 people standing behind a large pile of bags filled with Canadian Thistle. There is a sign beside the bags that shows the City of Calgary logo and says 'Volunteers at work'.
360 employees conducting water analysis during a spill response project. Photo shows 2 people standing in a flooded, grassy area holding water analysis instruments and wearing protective clothing.

Our mission

We Make it Simple

Our mission is to deliver simple solutions to complex engineering and environmental projects. We take the time to collaborate with our clients and stakeholders to understand their needs, unearth value, and deliver new insights – for every project, every time.

The pillars of our culture

Providing a solid foundation

A well-defined culture is an imperative building block for future development. We aim to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture where everyone feels welcomed and that their ideas and contributions matter.

Rodney’s Axiom is our culture code and our roadmap, guiding our business and our people. It defines who we are, how we work, and inspires collective action towards 360’s shared vision and goals.

360’s Standards of Excellence

Our Standards of Excellence are the guiding principles, moral compass, and underlying values of 360. No D*ckheads Allowed (N.D.A), Trust Builds Candor and Candor Builds Trust, Watch the Pennies, We are a High Performing Team.

Health, Safety and Wellness

A consistent focus on the physical and psychological safety of our people. 360’s highest operational priority is to ensure everyone returns home safely.

Client Obsession

Everything we do is driven by a need to make our clients’ lives easier. 360’s Client Obsession is about knowing more and doing more than what’s expected.

Empowering AND INVESTing IN Our People

Great people drive great business. The 5 fundamentals of 360’s empowered team are building trust, a dynamic corporate structure, training and leadership, the 360 talent funnel, and social impact.

360’s Standards of Excellence

Our Standards of Excellence are our guiding principles, moral compass, and underlying values. They form the unique ethical code our business lives by; and in them, each individual can find different values that motivate them.

No D*ckheads Allowed (N.D.A)

The most important policy we have. 360 is a place where only the highest levels of integrity exist and anything less than that will not be tolerated. We are a team first, and every team member should be shown respect and made to feel like they belong.

trust builds candor and Candor builds trust

We must give and receive candid, actionable, and timely feedback in an effort to constantly improve. Feedback must be delivered and accepted with positive intentions by all members of the team. Trust allows us to give clear feedback, and candor makes us better.

Watch the Pennies

If we watch the pennies, the dollars take care of themselves. Every detail matters and every opportunity for improvement should be examined. 


Focused, curious, accountable, and empowered. We learn from every experience, maintain a growth mindset, and always seek improvement.

360's mullet logo. The logo is a graphic of the head of a man sporting a mullet. The graphic is an outline from the neck up, and is in black and white.


If ever there were a single, defining symbol of our organization, it would be the mullet.

A mullet is a signature hairstyle, cut short at the front and sides and left long at the back. So, why mullets? We’ve all heard the saying, business in the front, party in the back. The mullet is all about balance. 

360 has made the mullet an integral part of our culture because it represents how we work, how we run our business, and who we are as a team. The mullet symbolizes the importance of minding the balance, celebrating what makes us unique, and keeping sight of what really matters.

Our Culture

At 360, our culture is the foundation of our success. It’s through our core values of excellence, physical safety, health and wellness, empowerment, trust, and candor that we not only achieve our business goals but also create a workplace where every individual can thrive and contribute to our shared success. 

Our cultural commitment encourages and enables our team members to take ownership, make decisions, and contribute actively to 360’s success while finding enjoyment in a positive and empowering environment. 

360 employees sitting around a picnic table at a company event. The event was a Stampede barbecue so employees are dressed in western attire. The photo shows 7 people.
The back view of a 360 employee in full protective gear and sporting a mullet. The photo was taken at a job site so there is environmental reclamation equipment in the background and the employee is observing the progress of the work.

Interested in working for 360?

  • Hybrid work schedule
  • The Mullet Bank – an inclusive wellness program
  • GRSP match