360 Closure Communication 24-03: AER releases Bulletin 2024-13 – Invitation for Feedback on Proposed Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) Applications and Approval Conditions for Pipelines

Background & Implications

The AER is seeking feedback on the draft Pipeline Conservation and Reclamation Approvals Under EPEA; Requirements and Guidance for Applications and Post-Construction Reclamation Assessment Reports. This draft policy is designed to prescribe the conservation and reclamation measures under EPEA with the intention of:

  • Providing the information and expectations for consistent and complete pipeline applications for an approval under EPEA, as required under Schedule 1 Division 3(c) of the Activities Designation Regulation and Section 3 of the Approvals and Registrations Procedure Regulation
  • Clearly identifying the requirements and expectations for post-construction reclamation assessment (PCRA) reports under an EPEA approval, with the intention of returning the land to a productive and environmentally stable state as soon as possible after construction.

All feedback will be reviewed and considered by the AER in the final development of this policy.  Industry will be faced with increased regulatory requirements in the construction and closure of pipelines and associated infrastructure. Providing feedback during regulation development will ensure that industry’s interests are considered.


The following regulations and resources referenced above are available for review:

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