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Emissions Services

360’s experienced Emissions Services and Well Integrity team provides industry with infield analysis, monitoring, and data collection services to ensure assets are in compliance with the ever-changing regulatory obligations, and tailors solutions to meet client-specific ESG standards and commitments.


Emissions and integrity services

360’s team of emissions services and integrity specialists use the latest technology to monitor gas migration, fugitive emissions, and any other integrity issues that may cause emissions to escape into the atmosphere. The team supports clients with meeting regulatory obligations and achieving their specific ESG commitments.


Recent Projects


Effective, easy, and economical methane monitoring solution

360 is the only authorized distributor of MethaneTrack™ continuous emissions monitoring technology in Western Canada. NevadaNano’s MethaneTrack™ is an economical, easy to operate network of rugged monitoring points to measure methane emissions and report leak location and size to the operator.

Utilizing an Industrial IoT (IIoT) network to detect methane in the air, MethaneTrack™ detects fugitive and operational emissions from a site and immediately alerts the operator of the location and volume of the emissions, facilitating rapid response and repair. MethaneTrack™ is intrinsically safe, Class 1, Div 1 or ATEX zone 0, allowing the endpoints to be easily installed anywhere at a facility and as close to an asset as necessary, improving accuracy and performance. Autonomous, continuous monitoring enables up to 99% reduction in emissions while reducing operational costs and boosting profits.


Emissions Services

The 360 emissions team has monitored and assessed over 5,000 sites for gas migration, surface casing vent flows (SCVF), and fugitive emissions. 

Well integrity testing, monitoring, and sampling

Gas migration testing (in-soil and wellhead)

In-soil and wellhead gas collection

SCVF testing and repair

Real-time calibrated data

Fugitive emissions detection and quantification technology

Well integrity consulting

Facility emissions surveys

24hr on-call tactical and technical support services

ESG data collection and reporting

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Leading the way in adapting to the changing landscape of emissions services, reporting, and regulatory compliance 

Real time data

Emissions KPI tracking

Regulatory compliance 

ESG metrics 

Expert Spotlight

Ryan Doull

Manager, EMISSIONS Services

Ryan Doull is an upstream oil and gas services executive with 24 years of industry experience. The bulk of his time in industry was with Doull Site Assessments Ltd. (DSA). Ryan became the President of DSA in 2016 after managing field operations and directing technology and innovation at the firm. Ryan formed, fostered and/or contributed to industry alliances with complementary organizations in operations technology, emissions monitoring, carbon trading, ESG software and well abandonment engineering & execution disciplines. He served as a technical champion and liaison on various committees and has presented at many conferences and events.