Mullet Musings: A 3-part series written by 360’s CEO, Ryan Smith, exploring mental wellbeing within the realms of business and sports

We are proud to present a special series from our CEO, Ryan Smith, focusing on mental health and wellness within the realms of business and sports. In this series, Ryan reflects on both his career as an entrepreneur/leader and his time as a professional athlete to give insight and share thoughts on tools and strategies to support positive mental health and wellbeing.

In this first installment, Ryan delves into the issue of Imposter Syndrome—something many of us have faced at various points in our careers. Ryan shares a few key tools which have helped him steady his thinking and face new challenges.

In part 2, Ryan discusses Leadership and Loneliness, exploring how these two seemingly opposing concepts often coexist and the impact they have on both personal and professional life.

In this final post, Ryan focuses on the broader concept of long term uncertainty, discussing a transitional time in his career where he was faced with the unknown, and sharing some strategies he learned to better equip himself to navigate those situations with confidence and resilience.

Thank you for reading Ryan’s Mullet Musings. Over the past few weeks, Ryan’s thoughtful reflections have sparked meaningful conversations within our community. Many readers have reached out to Ryan to share their own stories and connect with the themes discussed in the articles. This engagement underscores the vital role of sharing and support in breaking down barriers related to mental health.

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