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Regulatory Compliance

We navigate the evolving complexities of the regulations governing our energy and industrial clients to achieve their development goals. The 360 regulatory team has significant experience preparing regulatory applications and providing technical support for projects that require licenses, permits, and approvals from all levels of government.


Regulatory strategy and advisory

From oil and gas permitting for new development plays, to pipeline construction, to commercial development applications – the 360 Regulatory Compliance team has the experience and track record to ensure your project is on-time, compliant, and deadlines for reporting are met.


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Regulatory Compliance 

Keeping up to date with the ever-changing regulatory and compliance requirements for municipal, provincial, state, and federal governments on any project is daunting and time-consuming. The 360 Regulatory Compliance team are seasoned experts and up to date on regulation changes across all levels of government. Let us help you make it simple. 

Power plants, substations, and cogeneration plant approvals, exemptions and proposed activities

Provincial and federal pipeline, facility, and well licenses and permits for new developments

Amendments for upstream and midstream oil and gas activities

Re-entry well applications to prepare for municipal residential and commercial developments

Waste management licenses and disposal facility approvals

Resource applications for scheme approvals and special well spacing

Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) and Waste Discharge Applications, Renewals, Amendments, and Codes of Practice for industrial and energy projects

Environmental Protection Plans

Watercourse Crossing Plans

Wildlife and Caribou Protection Plans

Baseline environmental assessments

Corporate & ESG reporting

Expert Spotlight

Brendan Davis, P.Biol., PMP


With over a decade and a half in the environmental sector, Brendan stands as an authority on comprehensive regulatory, environmental assessments and management strategies. Serving in a pivotal leadership capacity, he acts as the liaison between clients, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders, ensuring seamless communication and effective outcomes. Brendan’s expertise encompasses an array of programs, ranging from large facility and pipeline regulatory applications throughout western Canada to meticulous Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs).