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Asset Retirement Obligations

360 was purposefully built to support our clients with Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO). As regulations, laws, standards, and technologies have changed, we have built a robust database and continually evolved our strategies and guidance – and this has helped our clients remain efficient, decrease their operating costs and reduce risks and liabilities.


Assessment, advisory, and audit for end-of-life assets.

360’s methodology is anchored in up-to-date regulation changes and directive updates affecting asset retirement obligation. The methodology has been vetted by industry regulators, financial auditors, and closure professionals to maintain execution accuracy, financial integrity, and regulatory compliance.


Recent Projects


What we’ve done

The 360 Asset Retirement Obligations team has executed ARO assessments for energy producers, midstream companies, and municipalities across the Western Hemisphere.

  • Over $23.1 billion of ARO
  • Over 150,000 wells assessed
  • Assets in Canada, the United States, and Argentina


ARO Assessment & Strategy

Focusing resources on ARO can often be costly, difficult to understand, and frustrating. 360 helps you assess, manage, quantify, and prioritize your asset retirement obligations. We guide you through a deep understanding of liability management and each step of the retirement phase, ensuring regulatory compliance throughout.

Corporate ARO Assessments

Merger & Acquisition Analysis and Assessments

Regulatory Guidance & Submissions

Liability License Rating/Liability Management Rating

ABC, Dormant Site Program, and Corporate Liability

Deemed Liability Assessments & Audits

Analysis Forecasting & Planning

Management Strategy Building

Corporate ESG Support

Municipality and County Liability and ARO Advisory

PSAB 3280 Asset Retirement Obligation Support

why work with us

360 works with your team to ensure your liability is managed efficiently and cost-effectively

Mergers &
Acquisitions advisory

Experienced professionals that assist you and your team with valuations, negotiations, due diligence, license transfers, and regulatory support. 360’s A&D Advisory Services outlines disclosure requirements, regulation changes, and regulatory approvals to ensure your deal is not saddled with unforeseen delays and costs. 


Benchmark your company’s internal controls and processes against our proven and verified methodology trusted by the largest accounting firms to audit for the most up-to-date industry methodology, regulations, and directive updates. 

Corporate ARO

Maintain accuracy and validity of your company’s assets and liabilities. 360’s proven and verified methodology ensures the accuracy of your liability with regulators, financial institutions, and auditors.  

Quarterly and
Annual ARO updates 

Consistent and accurate ARO assessments to correspond with your quarterly and annual financial disclosure filing requirements. 360’s trusted team of professionals can assist with an audit process to ensure your filings are accurate and complete.  

Expert Spotlight

Graeme Hawkins

MANAGER OF Asset Retirement Obligations

Graeme is the Manager of Asset Retirement Obligations at 360, with 12 years of experience developing and managing large-scale projects in various industries across Canada. He has been responsible for overseeing teams of professionals and engineers working collaboratively with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure the completion of multi-million-dollar projects in several provinces across Canada. 

360 Makes a

5732 +

sites abandoned

27953 +

environmental closure
activities executed

152347 +

idle or inactive sites

$ 23.1 billion

in asset retirement obligations