360 Establishes a Formalized Practicum Partnership with Northern Lights College

In January 2024, 360 proudly entered into a formalized practicum partnership with Northern Lights College in Fort. St. John, BC in which the parties will work collaboratively to enhance the Practice Education experience of the students in their Land and Water Resources (LWR) Programs.  This agreement will support the learning experiences of students by providing an 80-hour workplace practicum whereby students are given an opportunity to practice core competencies and apply classroom theory to practical tasks in the workplace.  Each practicum will include 10 hours of training in company policies, procedures and Health and Safety that apply to the Practice Education, 50 hours of on-site field work and 20 hours of learnings in report writing specific to a site that they completed field work on.  All workplace practicums are supervised by a student preceptor to provide an engaging Practice Education experience. 

We are thrilled that three students have already begun their 80-hour practicums with us at our office in Fort St. John, BC. 

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